Security Fleet Management Solutions

Optimize security operations, response times, and track vehicles.

Security Management

Unlock the potential of your security fleet with Holman’s fleet management services. Our user-friendly interface and robust features empower you to make data-driven decisions that enhance security, optimize operations, and deliver exceptional results.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Identify and address any unsafe driving practices, promoting safety and reducing the risk of accidents.

Maintenance Scheduling

Stay on top of vehicle maintenance and repairs to minimize downtime and optimize the reliability of your security fleet.

Patrol Tracking

Track guard patrols, checkpoints, and shifts to ensure compliance and accountability, improving operational efficiency.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Finding the right solutions for your business can be tough. We make it easy for your business needs.

    • What is the benefit of Geofencing?

      With geofencing capabilities, you’ll be able to define virtual boundaries and receive alerts when vehicles enter or leave designated areas, enhancing security measures and preventing unauthorized access.

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    • How does GPS tracking improve security vehicle management?

      With GPS tracking, you’ll be able to monitor the precise location and movement of your security vehicles in real time, ensuring quick response times and enhancing asset protection.

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    • Can Holman's fleet management system integrate with existing security management software?

      Yes. Seamlessly integrate our fleet management system with your existing security management software, ensuring a streamlined workflow and eliminating data duplication.

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