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2024 US Inflation Forecast

For the majority of 2023, inflation has been running red-hot, impacting virtually every aspect of fleet operations. While it has cooled slightly in recent months, inflation remains top of mind for most fleet managers and is perhaps the biggest x-factor in planning for 2024.


Holman’s 2024 US Inflation Forecast report examines the current economic landscape and highlights how these factors are poised to impact your fleet through each stage of the vehicle’s lifecycle – buy, drive, service, and sell – in 2024 (and beyond). Holman’s Consulting Services team offers a comprehensive analysis of how inflation and other macroeconomic trends are affecting fleet expenses, providing valuable insights to the challenges faced in each stage of vehicle management, including:

consulting ev acquisition


Acquiring fleet vehicles remains a challenge; while interest rates remain elevated, new vehicle prices have retreated slightly as the supply chain rebounds; take a closer look at the factors driving these market conditions so you can make informed buying decisions.

Shipping industry


Fuel prices have stabilized in recent months but as we know, a wide range of factors influence prices, and these variables can shift quickly; get the latest forecast on these catalysts so you can budget accordingly.

Holman Icons DriveBlueCleanGreen Maintenance Maintenance 2


Parts shortages and labor uncertainty have propelled maintenance costs to near record levels; with these costs expected to remain high for the foreseeable future, learn how you can mitigate rising expenses to better control your operating budget.

Holman Icons Cost Savings


While recent labor agreements may lead to a decline in wholesale used vehicle pricing, short-term volatility in the used market is expected to continue. Learn to navigate these supply and pricing fluctuations for better replacement planning.

Download Holman’s 2024 US Inflation Forecast report today for the tangible advice you need to navigate today’s macroeconomic conditions and position your fleet for continued success in 2024 – and beyond.

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