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Pioneering Sustainable Fleet Management

Holman Marketing
October 10th, 2023

pioneering sustainable fleet management

Sustainability is at the forefront of the mobility industry, and Holman stands as a leader with innovative programs designed to assist in your fleet’s transition to electric.

These programs and solutions are set to redefine fleet management while supporting sustainable transportation into the future.

  1. EV Home Charging Management Program: This program offers a convenient solution enabling drivers to charge vehicles from their homes. We monitor the installation process to ensure its accuracy.
  2. EV Driver Reimbursement Program: Dive into the financial and environmental advantages and learn how to participate in this forward-thinking program that benefits you and your drivers.
  3. EV Depot Management Program: This program revolutionizes fleet operations – charging efficiency, streamlined maintenance, and data-driven management.
  4. EV Connectivity: Predictive analytics, remote diagnostics, and operational insights – the power of data in shaping a more efficient and sustainable EV fleet.
  5. Public Charging: Bridging the charging gap and promoting electric mobility for a broader audience.
  6. Workplace Charging: Align charging initiatives with corporate sustainability goals while discovering the benefits of fostering an eco-conscious image.
  7. EV Driver Training: Instill confidence, safety, and efficiency among drivers and its pivotal role in the successful adoption of electric fleets.

Empowering the Future with Holman’s EV Initiatives

Holman’s visionary EV programs drive its commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. Our solutions are designed to educate, inspire, and guide you toward a greener and more efficient future in fleet management.

Drive change towards sustainable mobility with Holman’s EV programs.