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End the Year by Eliminating Old Fleet Assets

Holman Marketing
October 23th, 2023

end the year by eliminating old fleet assets

The winds are blowing, the temperatures are dipping, and you’re planning for next year. But before you get too far into your 2024 plans, take a breath and review what’s in your inventory; figure out what you are not using and dispose of it. You have the opportunity to turn underutilized equipment and vehicles into cash.

Fleet Is An Investment

When viewing your fleet as an investment and not a cost, it’s essential to keep fleet best practices in mind and manage it in a cycle: Buy, Drive, Service, and Sell.

Don’t let old equipment sit and waste away because you think it may have lost value. There is still a demand for your equipment, and you have plenty of choices to earn top dollar before the end of the year.

1.   Auctions

Work with our remarketing experts with specialized knowledge about your vehicle and equipment. Our trusted contacts at regional events can showcase your assets and earn you top value.

2. Holman EquipmentDirect

A weekly online auction for buying and selling surplus equipment and trucks. Achieve greater returns on your assets and reduce the time to sell. 

3. Employee Sale

Give employees the chance to own the vehicle or equipment they’ve been eyeballing for their use. These sales can happen quickly, and you’ll also increase employee engagement. Two-for-One special.

4. Seller Direct

Find sellers who need to purchase your inventory outright and quickly. You can negotiate the sales price, avoid transportation fees, and clean out old equipment before closing the books in 2023.

5. Holman BuyDirect

Holman BuyDirect purchases your fleet vehicles and equipment within three business days, no matter the quantity, meaning you generate cash flow quickly. A guaranteed and efficient way to clear surplus inventory from your books.


Take Advantage of Year-End Choices

As the year ends, seize the opportunities the automotive industry presents. Getting value for underutilized vehicles and equipment before the end of the year is one of those opportunities.

If you’re looking for help in overcoming any obstacles or identifying remarketing solutions for your assets, Holman can help. Explore more today.

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