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Fleet management can be complicated, but it doesn’t need to be a burden. Holman’s holistic fleet management approach transforms your fleet from an operational necessity into one of your most valuable assets.

Our Fleet Management Services

If your fleet is like most, you face a range of challenges, from staying on top of disruptive technologies, to making do with limited resources. Holman’s solution helps you ensure your fleet investment is working for you.

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No two companies are built the same, and your fleet challenges need a solution tailored to you. Tell us a little about the fleet challenges you’re currently facing, the size of your fleet, and your role in managing it in the form below, and we’ll provide a downloadable solution customized to your needs. It’s a great way to begin exploring how we can put our experience dating back to 1924 to work for you.

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Your Fleet is an Investment

Your fleet is more than just a set of transactional costs — it’s an investment. Not only does your vehicle operation play a critical role in serving your customers, but with an integrated strategy and big-picture thinking, it can also drive growth and fuel success for your company.

When managing fleet maintenance as a series of costs to be maintained, it’s natural to focus on minimizing the amount of every transaction in the short term. However, this approach often leads to hidden long-term costs and wasted time that, in the end, increases spending and decreases productivity for your company.

At Holman, we align your fleet with your organization’s overall measures for success by prioritizing strategic planning throughout the entire vehicle lifecycle — buy, drive, service and sell.

With the right mindset, each stage of the lifecycle offers an opportunity to create value and deliver returns to your bottom line.

Our fleet management services can help you optimize your operation, reduce lifetime costs, and keep your business moving.

“From acquisition to driver services and remarketing, Holman is our go-to partner when it comes to managing our fleet. They’re knowledgeable, attentive, and innovative, but above all, they make things easy.”

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Sale & Leaseback: How to Free Up Your Fleet’s Equity

Are you interested in a simple, straightforward way to quickly convert your business assets into cash? This eBook will show you how to unlock the equity in your fleet vehicles so you can redirect that cash into other parts of your business.

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Fleet Management Frequently Asked Questions

  • Did Holman buy ARI?

    Fleet management specialist ARI has rebranded as Holman. The effort is part of a wider rebranding process of the automotive services organization under the Holman brand name.

  • Why do companies use fleet management?

    Fleet management assists businesses with monitoring and maintaining their vehicles to help reduce the risk of breakdowns or larger issues. Holman views fleet management holistically to help turn your fleet from a necessity into an investment.

  • What is fleet management?

    A fleet is a set of vehicles that a business owns or leases in order to perform services. Those vehicles can range from specialty vans used by landscapers, to pickup trucks used by contractors, or even rental cars, and many more. A lot goes into maintaining a fleet, including purchasing and financing vehicles, ensuring those vehicles are regularly serviced and driven safely, selling the vehicles when they’re no longer needed. These collective elements and the details surrounding them are referred to as fleet management.

  • Why should I work with Holman to manage my fleet?

     For nearly a century, our family-owned business has been providing automotive services with a commitment to doing the right thing for our customers, our employees, and our community. Driving What’s Right is at the heart of everything we do. We help fleets big and small  perform safely and efficiently, and ensure our fleet customers maximize the return on their investment. We offer comprehensive services to ensure you get the most value out of your fleet when you buy, drive, service, and sell your vehicles.

  • What fleet management services does Holman offer?

    Holman offers comprehensive fleet management services to help our customers get the most value from their fleet throughout the process of buying, driving, servicing, and selling fleet vehicles. These services include: vehicle specing, acquisition, leasing, financing and upfitting; counsel as you incorporate electric vehicles (EVs) into your fleet; driver services like safety training and compliance programs; commercial insurance to manage your total cost of risk; business management to provide consultative services for your end-to-end fleet needs; vehicle management to ensure fuel and maintenance cost savings; technology to measure and optimize every component of your fleet; remarketing to help you sell your vehicle at the right time and for the right price; and global fleet services to help your business grow internationally.

  • What fleet management services do I need?

    Every fleet is different, which is why Holman offers a full range of fleet management services from vehicle acquisition and leasing to driver training, from service and maintenance to vehicle sales and remarketing. We would love to work with you to understand your business and its needs, and work together to build a plan specifically for you. Visit our “Contact Us” page to get started.

  • How can I work with Holman to manage my fleet?

    We would love to work with you to find the services that can deliver the most return on your fleet management investment. Visit our “Contact Us” page to get started.

  • What is a fleet vehicle?

    Fleet vehicles are trucks, vans, or cars owned by a business or an organization used for specific purposes of that organization. Commercial vehicles are also considered fleet vehicles when they are specifically used for a business.

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