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No two companies are built the same, and your fleet challenges need a solution tailored to you. Tell us a little about the fleet challenges you’re currently facing, the size of your fleet, and your role in managing it in the form below, and we’ll provide a downloadable solution customized to your needs. It’s a great way to begin exploring how we can put our experience dating back to 1924 to work for you.

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With our flexibly adaptable services, you get the entire market from a single source: We support you as an independent provider and find the right solution for you and your fleet.

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“Holman’s greatest asset is our people. Our professionals are incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated, and as a global leader in the automotive services sector, we draw upon those strengths to provide our clients with solutions that aligns with evolving strategic challenges.”

Carl A. Ortell
Carl A. Ortell
Vice Chair of the Board


Open-End Leasing

Rigid fleet management is motivated by contract parameters as term & mileage. At the same time, flexible management is much more efficient and should not be avoided – as most of us have known – most recently since the unprecedented year 2020. Our white paper shows you how to free your fleet from rigid contract parameters and murky costs. This allows you to manage your fleet flexibly and reduce costs at the same time

Free Your Fleet E Book Cover

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Holman redefined open-end leasing in Germany in 2017 with its FlexLease product, a flexible full amortization financing contract.

Hire Purchase

Among the most common types of finance leases is hire purchase. This alternative can be worthwhile for your fleet.

Full Service Leasing

Full-service leasing is a practical service: with one rate that covers everything, the vehicle is well taken care of.

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