Fleet Safety Analytics Technology

Since your fleet generates terabytes of valuable data, you need people, tools, technology, and the expertise to work through it all and help you make important decisions. Holman will leverage big data to deliver actionable insights and help you reduce expenses, streamline processes, and provide a clear view of operations across your fleet.

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Take Control of Your Fleet with Telematics

Managing a fleet, you have to make decisions every day that have not only immediate impacts on your business, but also long-term implications. Telematics makes those decisions easier and more informed by giving you comprehensive data about your fleet in an intuitive solution. You’ll always know every vehicle’s location, performance, and downtime so you can make the best decisions for your specific fleet.

We make telematics easy to implement with consolidated contracts and billing, first-level support, device installation, and integration with OEM-installed devices. You’ll quickly be able to identify and train drivers with high-risk driving behaviours based on data on harsh braking or aggressive acceleration. Fuel card data will help you to pinpoint and intervene in individual choices, behaviours and events that collectively drive up costs, increase downtime, and harm your overall fleet performance and the bottom line. Get the visibility into your fleet performance that you need to make the right decisions for your business.

Make Informed Daily Decisions with Holman Insights

Your fleet generates data from thousands of systems and inputs that can help you make sound decisions, improve performance, and save money.  But those decisions can be daunting if you don’t have the right data or if data isn’t collected and analyzed in one place to generate true insights with context. Insights cuts through the noise and ensures you are getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

Customize your own dashboard to set key performance indicators (KPIs), action alerts, and more. Generate reports in seconds on any topic from maintenance and repair costs to incidents by region. You choose whether to look at trends across your fleet in aggregate, identifying patterns, fluctuations and anomalies impacting your fleet’s costs and performance, or zoom in on a single vehicle to troubleshoot recurring problems.

Enable consolidated billing, standardize expenses, and integrate with your own accounting systems and codes to save time and frustration. Our integrated data allows you to streamline processes, analyze large amounts of interconnected data, and make the best day-to-day decisions for your specific business based on data generated by your own fleet.

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Plan for the Future with Holman Analytics

When you’re managing a fleet, you make decisions every day to keep your vehicles running efficiently, but often those daily decisions can obscure even bigger opportunities to impact your bottom line. Holman Analytics predictive technology empowers you to manage for the future by looking holistically at the down-the-line impact of today’s decisions.

With the most powerful analytics tool in the industry, you can better identify when to retire vehicles, prevent future breakdowns, and plan for otherwise unexpected costs like vehicle repairs, driver incidents, and compliance issues. Predictive analytics give you control with accurate long-term forecasting, providing budget certainty and allowing you to clearly communicate with any area of your company. By pinpointing your fleet’s strengths and planning for the inevitable issues in a complex fleet system, you can proactively make better decisions that will save on costs and drive revenue.

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Empower and Manage Your Fleet Drivers with Holman's Insights App

Insurance information, fuel cards, maintenance and licensing requirements are all necessities that can become a headache to manage for both fleet managers and drivers. Holman Insights is an all-in-one tool that helps your drivers stay connected with your fleet, giving them full access to all of the resources they need to get the job done no matter where they are, via mobile app or website. 

Holman Insights provides access to everything your drivers need, including:

  • Monitor vehicle mileage, maintenance, licensing, fuel, accidents, recalls and order status, and access fuel
    PINs and insurance cards.
  • Request roadside assistance, glass repair, fuel cards and replacement license plates or registration.
  • Receive notifications for critical alerts for maintaining your vehicle with Holman.
  • Find gas stations and maintenance vendors. Schedule service for repairs.
  • Report mileage for personal and business usage and enter inspection reports.

Vehicle information and requests sync directly to the Holman Insights website, ensuring seamless communication between your drivers and fleet team. With this integration, the fleet team can manage driver spend and safety measures, as well as better fuel management and reducing downtime and administrative work.

Maintain a Garage with Value

Managing internal and external garages is a burden on costs and productivity. Holman’s Garage Management System enables a more efficient repair process by integrating in-house garages and external repair facilities. With our platform, you can track vehicle inventory, view vehicle maintenance history, manage mechanic workload and shop time, log equipment hours and chassis odometer readings, maintain compliance with inspections and regulatory requirements, measure mechanic productivity, automate parts inventory, and more. Visibility to your full maintenance landscape means nothing gets lost in the clutter.

In addition to in-house repairs and outside vendor activity, your consolidated view includes new vehicle delivery, licensing renewal, IFTA/IRP, FMCSA and SCC inspections, accident repairs, vehicle replacement, and remarketing data. Holman’s Garage Management System is fully integrated with our complete fleet management system, giving you total control of your resources.

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Your company has unique needs. Our experts can help.

“Holman’s data automation totally revamped the management of our 20,000 vehicle fleet. Not only did the team help to significantly improve our operations, but they were a pleasure to work with. We look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come.”

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Using Data to Identify, Predict and Prevent Critical Fleet Issues

Do you have a handle on which data is the right data to not just help you solve your fleet issues but also realize important cost benefits? Learn how predictive modeling will help you find pieces of actionable insight that can empower you to create tangible outcomes.


Fleet Technology Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Holman insights?

    Holman Insights is a powerful tool to pull all of the data that your fleet generates into a comprehensive and easy to navigate program so that you can best analyze and use that data to make important decisions for your fleet. The platform allows you to customize a dashboard, set key performance indicators (KPIs), and run reports so that you can make decisions based on real-time, aggregate data. These more informed decisions can save money, minimize downtime, and drive real value for your business.

  • What is Holman Analytics?

    Holman Analytics leverages cutting edge predictive analytics technology to help you make important decisions about the future of your fleet, like when to retire vehicles or schedule repairs with minimal disruption to your operation. Based on patterns from the past, Holman Analytics can help fleet managers anticipate and plan for disruptions that used to seem random or unforeseeable, ensuring smoother operations while minimizing costs and downtime.

  • What is fleet data?

    Fleet data includes all information about vehicles and drivers that an in-house fleet manager or fleet management company can track, monitor, analyze and report. Standard sources of fleet data include OEMs, upfitters, and maintenance and fuel vendors. This data might include fuel and mileage information, driver behaviour data, maintenance and service needs and records, and much more.

  • What is Telematics?

    Telematics devices can be installed by fleets on vehicles to collect and transmit supplemental fleet data about where and how vehicles are being operated. These devices can track movement, engine performance, and driver behaviour. The trend is growing for OEMs to install built-in telematics devices in vehicles.

  • How can telematics impact my business?

    By installing telematics devices in your fleet vehicles or activating OEM telematics, you can gather important information about your driver and vehicle’s performance. When viewed in aggregate, telematics data can point to problematic trends and opportunities for improvement. On an individual level, telematics might identify drivers with dangerous behaviours that should receive additional safety training, vehicles that have higher than average instances of downtime or maintenance needs, or wasteful fuel habits. With the data from telematics, you can intervene to save on routine costs, improve safety, and limit downtime.

  • What is data integration?

    Data integration is data compiled from multiple resources into one system so that you can make decisions with a full view of all of the inputs and potential impacts of that decision.

  • Why is data and technology important to a fleet management business?

    Vehicles are becoming increasingly complex machines and, when you’re running a fleet of them, there are lots of small things that can make a big difference to your costs and downtime at scale. Modern technology and the resulting data can give you insight into trends, correlations, and anomalies across your fleet to help you make the best decisions each day, creating big savings over time and across vehicles. Today, data and technology are critical to ensuring that your fleet is an investment that drives business success, not simply a cost centre.

  • What is predictive analytics?

    Predictive analytics is an advanced reporting technology that analyzes data to identify trends and predict the likely impact of a decision based on what has happened in the past. For fleet managers, predictive analytics like Holman Analytics can empower you to enhance your fleet by providing insight into the likely impact of each decision.

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