Fleet Electrification - Leading the Way to an Electric Future

With battery technology rapidly improving, and a significant expansion in charging infrastructure expected to continue with new government investment, electric vehicles and electric fleets are becoming more common. Holman has invested in research and has developed partnerships to expertly help you chart your path to a sustainable fleet future.

Why Electric?

Electric vehicles offer many benefits, especially when deployed at scale in a fleet. Powering vehicles with electricity avoids the volatility of gasoline and fuel prices, and since they don’t have gas-powered engines, EVs have fewer vehicle components that experience less wear and tear, and consequently require less maintenance.

In addition to direct operational cost savings, provincial and federal governments offer incentives to switch to EVs, and since electric vehicles have no emissions, they can help your fleet meet regulatory or investor-driven sustainability standards. Greening your fleet can also help you attract sustainability-interested talent, and win contracts with sustainability requirements or preferences.

But, while there are clear benefits to an electric fleet, EVs can require substantial changes to your fleet strategy and driver training, and not all vehicle types are widely available as EVs. We’ve invested in research and analytics to help you decide when, how and if your fleet should go electric, and we also have the experience to help you identify if other sustainability moves and fuel solutions are actually better to help you achieve your green goals.

Plan Your Green Investment

While there are many benefits to incorporating electric vehicles into your fleet, like all vehicle acquisition and leasing , it’s important to have a strategy so that you realize the full usable life of your current vehicles, sell at the optimal time, and transition to electric vehicles in a way that makes sense for your specific fleet. 

It’s also important to remember that, when you switch to EVs, it’s not just the vehicle that you have to invest in, but also the charging infrastructure. Our experts at Holman can help you develop your charging strategy – whether at the drivers’ home, at the depot, or using public charging stations – and connect you with trusted charging vendors and installers. Our partnership with Electrada streamlines the installation of fleet charging infrastructure and offers a predictably-priced contract that eliminates the uncertainty of system performance, long-term energy cost risks, and capital investment requirements that often prevent organizations from adopting a robust fleet electrification program.

Together, we’ll develop a long-term fleet sustainability plan and support you as you implement the strategic transition your fleet to EVs in a way that realizes the return on your green investment.

Charging Options

Report Your Success

There’s strong public interest in current efforts to reduce emissions, and many stakeholders may want reports on your sustainability data. Holman includes sustainability reporting in our suite of fleet technology solutions so that you can prove your fuel and maintenance cost savings to investors, report on your progress towards sustainability goals, more easily create regular Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) reports, and provide data to support your sustainability credentials in RFP responses and sales pitches.

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“Since partnering with Holman to implement a hybrid emissions-reduction solution to reduce our fleet emissions by 50 percent by 2030, our fleet turned into a carbon credit generator. We’ll now be able to reach our 50 percent emissions reduction goal by 2024 thanks to Holman’s unmatched expertise.”

Holman Customer

Fleet Electrification Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of fleet electrification?

    Transitioning your fleet to include electric vehicles has many benefits. Electric vehicles avoid the volatility of fuel prices and require less maintenance. They can also help you meet emissions standards as you take advantage of government incentives to transition to electric vehicles. Additionally, many individuals and companies are interested in working with green companies, and an electric fleet can help you attract the best talent and win contracts with customers for whom sustainability is top of mind. Holman is an expert in this space and can help you capitalize on all of the financial, regulatory and reputational benefits of an electrified fleet.

  • How can Holman help me to electrify my fleet?

    Holman offers many services to help you strategically and effectively manage the transition to an electric fleet. We can help you plan your electric vehicle acquisition, leasing cycle and financing, train your drivers to adapt to a world with charging stations instead of gas pumps, design and upfit EVs with productivity solutions to support specific job roles and vocations, and integrate your sustainability data into our suite of fleet management technology so that you can easily report on your green operations.

  • What should I be prepared for as I transition my fleet to electric vehicles?

    The same rules apply for any new fleet vehicle acquisition, including electric vehicles – it’s important to buy at the right time, choose the financing that’s right for your business, and plan for the total cost of ownership of the vehicle. Before you invest in any business enhancement or fleet vehicle, it’s important to research and understand all of the factors. Any new vehicle and especially EVs need to align with your company’s territories, driving patterns, available charging infrastructure, and more.

    Electric vehicles provide a lot of value and almost always reduce fuel and maintenance costs. However, many drivers are not yet familiar with EVs and may require training to help them transition from looking for the gas pump to looking for the charging station. Holman’s EV experts can help you develop a sustainable fleet plan, make sure you transition your vehicles at the right time, and make the adjustment easy for your drivers with the right training.

  • How can I track and report on my sustainability efforts?

    Many stakeholders may be interested in your sustainability metrics and ESG reporting, which is why Holman includes integrated green metrics into our suite of fleet management technology services. You can track fuel and maintenance cost savings from going electric, and report on emissions reductions and other sustainability metrics for key stakeholders, investors, government agencies, prospective talent, potential customers, and the public at large.

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