Commercial Vehicle Equipment

Commercial Vehicle Equipment

Browse our comprehensive online catalog or work with our engineers to design and custom-fit equipment and racks for your fleet vehicles. As the leading manufacturer of truck and van productivity solutions, Holman will ensure your vehicles are as custom-built as your business.

Professionals Choose Holman

Holman serves nearly 200 distributors, providing durable, long-lasting products that install quickly and easily. Our experienced team fleet-tests each product thoroughly before it goes out the door, ensuring you’re properly equipped for the job.

Van Packages

Put everything within reach with custom-designed and engineered solutions for your specific vehicle.

Van Racks

Find the most dependable ladder racks in the industry for your fleet.


An extensive range of shelving to build the work vehicle your job requires with the ultimate durability and functionality.

Shelf Accessories

The industry’s strongest, most rugged shelves with gusseted end panels and thicker,16-gauge side panels. 

Partitions & Wing Kits

Keep your team and gear safe and secure with partitions and wing kit options that meet the highest safety standards.

Van Equipment

Upgrade your organization with cabinets, drawers, mats, screens, tank and wire holders and more.

Truck Racks & Equipment

The strongest production racks available, made from bigger, thicker, round tubes with extensive leg and cross bar gusseting.

Our focus is tailoring to our clients’ needs by providing quality, expertise, and excellent service. We are proud to partner with Holman as they offer top notch products that are guaranteed to exceed our customers’ expectations

Keith Ladd
General Manager, Sun Country Truck Equipment
We’re here to help you customize your fleet. Book a meeting with an expert today.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What van packages does Holman offer?

    Holman offers an array of Van Packages for diverse applications, including: Compact Vans, Low Roof Vans, Standard/Mid Roof Vans, and High Roof Vans.

  • What van racks does Holman have available?

    Find the perfect fit for your van from our extensive selection of clamp & lock ladder racks, crossbar racks, drop down ladder racks, cargo racks, van rack mount kits, and van rack accessories

  • How do Holman's folder shelves perform against their competitors?

    Our folding shelves fold flatter than the competition’s to maximize van interior space. Perfect for parcel delivery applications, they’re lightweight, easy to install, and each shelf is rated to 150 lbs. Made out of aluminum, with uprights of powder coat finished steel for extra rigidity, they’re the most sturdy and durable folder shelves in the market.

  • How do Holman’s products ensure the safety and security of my drivers?

    From security products like window screens and locking door partitions to sanitation stations, PPE storage, and road safety equipment, we have all you need to stay safe on the road

  • How does Holman ensure that the quality of their ladder racks evolve with the needs of the customer?

    Holman is continuously improving the performance of our aluminum and steel ladder racks through user feedback and investment in our facilities, systems, and SAE & ASTM manufacturing processes. As a result, our ladder racks are the most dependable in the industry. Our drop-down ladder racks are easily accessible and safely increase work productivity for a wide range of applications, including drop down ladder racks, clamp & lock ladder racks, and cargo racks.

  • Do Holman’s ladder racks accommodate all standard ladder types?

    Yes, Holman’s ladder racks accommodate all standard ladder types with little or no adjustment required. Minimal moving parts ensure maintenance-free operation and faster installation than the competition. Our racks are low profile both when stored and when in use, and the step ladder bracket add-on doesn’t require an expensive third crossbow. They’re available in steel and HD aluminum.

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