Business Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet is an essential tool for your organization, but it comes with its challenges. Holman’s business management solutions transform your fleet into a reliable, cost-effective operation that supports your business objectives and builds lasting value for your organization.

Leverage Unmatched Fleet Management Expertise

Whether you’re building a new fleet or you already have vehicles on the road, managing your fleet as a strategic asset requires a team with unmatched expertise. You can count on Holman’s expansive and long-tenured fleet management experience and white-glove service to drive change for your business without adding headcount.

Our fleet experts will work hand-in-hand with your team to deliver both tactical and strategic fleet solutions while prioritizing transparency and open communication for both you and your valued vendors.

Advance Your Fleet Knowledge With Enterprise Fleet Management Solutions

Holman has redefined enterprise fleet management and strategic consulting for today’s fleets. Our innovative methodology reduces data noise through advanced analytics and delivers intelligent best practices with your business’s specific needs in mind.

With the support of our in-house team of data scientists and developers, our consultants will leverage market-leading business intelligence, technical expertise, and robust data to optimize your enterprise fleet solutions. Together, we will define your business objectives, explore your budget and operational limitations, and identify key deliverables to steer your fleet toward its optimal state.

There are countless opportunities to measure, evaluate, and optimize across your enterprise fleet management lifecycle, including:

  • Replacement Cycling Strategy
  • Lease vs. Reimbursement
  • Utilization Mapping
  • Sustainability Studies & Alternative Fuel Evaluation
  • Maintenance Spend Planning
  • Fuel Spend Analysis
  • Fleet Structure Review
  • Accelerated Replacement Planning
  • Additional Consulting

Implement Change that Counts

In today’s business environment, agility is key to staying ahead of the competition. Breaking the status quo and building a case for change can be intimidating, and you need a partner that can sit at the decision-making table with your key stakeholders to share insight into fleet-related business planning and ensure a smooth transition.

Holman’s fleet experts will help you uncover hidden value and initiate necessary change. We evolve your fleet from a budget line item into a profitability engine by analyzing fleet data and identifying opportunities for cost efficiency and productivity gains.

Our implementation experts will ensure a seamless shift for you, your drivers, and your fleet stakeholders so you can focus on your core business responsibilities.

Optimise and Innovate to Drive Value

Effective fleet management requires more than annual planning based on year-end budgets and deadlines. It begins with crafting an effective vehicle replacement strategy and implementing vehicle specifications to retain as much value as possible. Throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle, optimization focuses on controlling the total cost of ownership by analyzing data and acting on fluctuations in operating costs.

Planning ahead will ensure that you remove your vehicles from service before their operating costs exceed their value, reducing vehicle depreciation. Holman’s team of experts will help your organization attain this balance and implement best practices from acquisition to disposal.

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“Our experience with Holman has been nothing but positive. They took the time to really understand our fleet and business needs, and ultimately recommended changes that significantly improved our fleets’ lifecycle.”

Holman Customer


Achieving Greater Capital Forecasting Certainty

When your finance team can count on you for consistent capital funding requests, you’re strengthening the financial position of your entire organization. Learn how stable replacement modeling leads to sound capital funding forecasts as well as decreases downtime and operating costs.

Your company has unique needs. Our experts can help.

Fleet Business Management Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will strategic consulting impact my fleet and grow my business?

    Managing your critical fleet challenges and controlling operational costs requires a thoughtful approach. Holman has redefined strategic consulting for today’s fleets. Our unmatched team of experts will work directly with you to define your actionable goals and quantify your results. Leveraging our team’s extensive business intelligence and data science capabilities will optimize your fleet operations to drive toward your business objectives.

  • Does Holman have in-house data scientists?

    Yes. Holman’s in-house team of data reporting scientists and developers will directly support our consultants throughout the entire process. Our experts mine data and build tools to assist in predictive analytics and modeling.

  • How will Holman’s strategic consulting impact my business across the fleet management lifecycle?

    At Holman, our approach to strategic fleet consulting provides value across the entire fleet management lifecycle. We offer support across every area of fleet operations including Replacement Cycling Strategy, Lease vs. Reimbursement, Utilization Mapping, Sustainability Studies & Alternative Fuel Evaluation, Maintenance Spend Planning, Fuel Spend Analysis, Fleet Structure Review, and Accelerated Replacement Planning. Our team will work closely with you to evaluate your business needs and to improve your fleet’s lifecycle.

  • What are the benefits of implementing a change management strategy for my business?

    Developing a change management strategy can seem like a daunting and risky proposition. Holman makes the transition smooth for you, your drivers, and your fleet stakeholders, so you can remain focused on managing your business. Our team will work with you to develop a change management strategy that will uncover opportunities to better control your expenses and fuel productivity gains to turn your fleet challenges into growth opportunities. Developing a comprehensive strategy that continuously improves your business will position your fleet as a key differentiator for your organization.

  • How can I manage the changing needs of my business?

    Your company has complex fleet requirements that are compounded by changing needs in your business. Implementing a strategic change management system is essential to staying ahead of the competition in today’s business environment. Holman’s fleet experts will collaborate with you throughout the entire process to uncover hidden value and opportunities to improve your business expenses, fuel productivity gains, and grow your fleet.

  • How can I effectively optimize the lifecycle of my fleet?

    Optimising your fleet is a challenge that requires strategic planning and preparation to ensure your business’s long-term growth. Throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle, optimisation focuses on controlling the total cost of ownership. When you partner with Holman, we’ll help you develop an effective replacement strategy that will cycle out your vehicles to avoid it costing more than the value it brings in. By selecting standardised specifications that meet job-specific requirements and following a replacement schedule that removes vehicles from service before their operating costs exceed their value, you will reduce vehicle depreciation. Our team of experts will put the best practices in place for your business from acquisition to disposal.

  • What is a fleet vehicle?


    Fleet vehicles are trucks, vans, or cars owned by a business or an organization used for specific purposes of that organization. Commercial vehicles are also considered fleet vehicles when they are specifically used for a business.

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