Construction Fleet Management Industry Solutions

You’re in the business of building, and you face a wide variety of unique and complex challenges every day. Holman’s Construction Fleet Management industry experience and expertise can help you elevate your fleet operation.

Tough Enough for Any Job

Your construction vehicles and equipment not only get you to a job – they also help you get the job done. You need vehicles and equipment that operate effectively and efficiently. Whether you need a mobile toolkit or a heavy-duty truck for substantial lifting, Holman will help you design a fleet built for even the most demanding jobs.

We can also help build vehicle specifications that take into account operating conditions, maximize your future remarketing returns, and allow you to plan a replacement cycle strategy that aligns with your company’s budget.


Holman's Construction Fleet Management Is Built for Business

Your vehicles operate in extreme conditions. Preventative maintenance can save on repair costs in the long-run and help you avoid downtime. We’ll help you implement a data-backed approach to maintenance that will allow you to “predict and prevent” rather than getting caught in the “break and fix.” Combined with our network of more than 150,000 service vendors, we’ll keep your costs down and your fleet driving your business forward.


Small Business Solutions

When your job is to build things up, you need work vehicles that won’t break down. Your construction vehicles need to be tough to tackle rough terrain and stocked with all the tools and equipment you need for the day. Holman will build you custom trucks and vans so you can build up your business. Working with Holman, fleet management becomes less of a distraction, allowing your vehicles to drive more productivity for your small business.

Your company has unique needs. Our experts can help.

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