Energy & Utility Fleet Management Industry Solutions

When your job is to keep the rest of the world powered up, you need a reliable fleet. Holman’s experience managing 100,000 energy and utility vehicles can help minimize fleet downtime so you can maximize your service delivery.

Build Your Fleet to Work for You

For energy and utility companies, a truck is never “just” a truck. Your trucks are vital tools, and they must be properly outfitted for the job. Holman’s vocational experts are skilled in designing, building and maintaining the trucks you need. From aerials to digger derricks and everything in between, we combine the right chassis with the components you need to service your customers.


Critical Support for Emergency Response

When disaster strikes and the power goes out, you need a partner to help your fleet leap into action. Holman is on standby in case of emergency. We staff multiple technical resource centers across the continent to support your drivers around the clock.


Cost-Reduction Strategies to Increase Performance

Your fleet accumulates considerable expenses that continue to grow as your business expands. Holman has the expertise to maximize your fleet’s potential while simultaneously lowering your costs. We’ll work with you to strategize the most effective cost-reduction strategies to align with your budgetary objectives.

From leveraging our telematics solutions to collect critical analytics and support driver safety initiatives, to implementing fuel cost management initiatives to reduce idling time, our team has the expertise to optimize your fleet.

Your company has unique needs. Our experts can help.

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