Food & Hospitality Fleet Industry Solutions

When you deliver the nation’s food supply and other critical cargo, there’s no room for error. We partner with leaders in grocery, fleet services food, prepared meal delivery, and other hospitality fulfillment areas, such as uniforms and medical supplies, to ensure your fleet is ready to deliver on your – and your clients’ – promises.

Vehicles Designed for Delicate Cargo

Food and hospitality vehicles come with a unique set of challenges and requirements. You need upfits that are built to accommodate those needs, with sanitary and safe storage to keep your customers happy. From step vans to refrigerated vehicles to multi-temperature bodies, Holman helps our food and hospitality customers design more efficient, lighter-weight delivery specifications and manage operating costs during the vehicle lifecycle.


Analytics That Drive Business

Your fleet generates a wealth of data. Delivery routes require keeping track of drivers, watching road conditions, and ultimately communicating with stakeholders. We have the technology and expertise required to help you tackle your challenges through actionable insights and analytics.

Our technology solutions, like telematics, identify opportunities to improve driver safety and reduce costs. With a better understanding of your fleet’s performance, you’ll be able to implement a “predict and prevent” approach to maintenance instead of “break and fix” model, saving you dollars and downtime.

Your company has unique needs. Our experts can help.

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