Landscaping Fleet Industry Solutions

Your landscaping company works in all weather conditions, so your  landscaping fleet vehicles need to as well. Our team of landscaping fleet experts keep companies in the landscaping industry operating 365 days a year, including tree and foliage removal, lawn and field management, and snow removal.

The Best Landscaping Fleet Vehicle for the Job

We know that your landscaping fleet needs to deliver value that’s as diverse as your business. That’s why our upfits are built to accommodate the needs of your specific fleet, from chipper bodies to snow plows and salt and ice-melt spreaders. Our team of experts design efficient, dynamic, and powerful vehicles for your business, such as:

  • Chipper bodies in multiple forestry sizes, with multiple hitch configuration options and weatherproofed sealing, powerful enough to tow big jobs with ease
  • Snow plows strong enough for the next big snow day with more than 1,800 steel or polyethylene parts in stock and 24/7 overnight ordering so that you can respond to any weather emergency
  • Salt and ice-melt spreaders available as tailgate-mounted or insert spreaders built to fit all vehicle sizes helping you to keep our communities safe on icy roads

Small Business Solutions

Through the heat of summer and the cold of winter, your landscaping vehicles work hard in every season. Holman can provide trucks and equipment specially designed to do the work or carry the tools for clearing lawns, gardens, roads, and lots. Working with Holman, fleet management becomes less of a distraction, allowing your vehicles to drive more productivity for your small business.

Your company has unique needs. Our experts can help.

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