Oil and Gas Fleets Industry Solutions

The oil & gas industry is unique and faces complex challenges. Holman’s experience with nearly 100,000 energy sector vehicles can help you apply industry specific best practices to your fleet investment.

The Best Oil and Gas Fleet Vehicle for the Job

In the oil and gas industry, drivers operate in rugged conditions across all types of climates. Our experience managing nearly 100,000 vehicles for our customers in oilfield services, upstream, midstream, downstream, chemical, and more has given us the expertise to help you build the right vehicle specifications. We consider the impact of operating conditions on fuel and maintenance, maximize future remarketing returns, and map out a replacement cycle strategy that aligns with your company’s budget plan.


Data That Saves Dollars

Your oil and gas fleet can generate terabytes of data that help you identify issues before they have a major impact on your business, and make informed decisions that drive your business forward. Holman’s suite of technology can help you not only gather the right data, but analyze it simply and comprehensively to make your data immediately actionable.

For the oil and gas industry, telematics can track data related to field vehicles and support driver safety initiatives. We can analyze fuel cost and idling time to identify cost saving opportunities. And you’ll have access to aggregate data from Holman’s energy sector clients that can help you identify and prepare for larger trends.


Oil and Gas Fleet Maintenance that Suits the Conditions

When vehicles operate in rugged conditions, as they often do in the oil and gas industry, preventative maintenance can save on repair costs in the long-run and avoid downtime. Our data-backed approach to “predict and prevent” rather than “break and fix” maintenance combined with our network of nearly 150,000 service vendors keep your fleet driving your business forward, not your costs up.

Your company has unique needs. Our experts can help.

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