Public & Government Fleet Industry Solutions

Public fleet vehicles are indispensable tools that help deliver essential services to constituents. Inefficiencies aren’t an option. Holman understands your unique challenges and helps you take action to maximize your budget dollars and keep your vital vehicles on the road.

Vehicles Designed to Serve the Public

For government fleets and other public fleets, your vehicles are an important part of successful service delivery. Holman manages more than 120,000 vehicles for governments, police departments, and other public service and first responder agencies. With this level of experience in your world, we have the flexibility to support your contractual processes of fleet leasing and management services for public sector organizations.


Proactive Public and Government Fleet Solutions to Lower Costs

When managing government fleets, understanding where your vehicles are, how your fleet is performing, and where your budget dollars are being spent is essential. Holman reduces inefficiencies by reviewing your fleet data and uncovering opportunities to better manage your budget and improve public and government fleet performance. 

Our team of public sector and government fleet experts will leverage our in-depth data and analytics processes to track your fleet spend and recommend cost-savings opportunities. We’ll help you better manage your budget right away by implementing driver safety programs to reduce liability and standardizing vehicle specifications to decrease operating costs.

Your company has unique needs. Our experts can help.

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