Rail Fleet Management Industry Solutions

When your business is a major driving force of the country’s economy, fleet downtime isn’t an option. Holman’s experience serving all major railroads in the United States and managing nearly 100,000 vehicles for Class 1 railroads, short lines, and railroad support companies ensures that our team of experts know how to best work with you to custom build your vehicles. Holman’s extensive touch points throughout the supply chain provide unmatched visibility.

The Best Vehicle for the Job

Your operation requires a complex fleet of specialized vehicles from welding and mechanical work, telecommunications, security, materials handling and track inspections. You need an experienced fleet partner to help manage it all. Holman’s decades of rail fleet management experience has equipped our team with the right knowledge and resources to build you the right unit for each job.


Data to Keep Costs on Track

Holman helps our railroad clients manage tight budgets by replacing the right vehicles at the right time in order to control both capital expenditures and maintenance costs. Our dedicated, tenured rail experts understand the exceptional complexity and special needs of the railroad industry.

Our telematics solutions track field vehicle data and support driver safety initiatives to keep both your vehicles and engineers on the right track. Our idling time analysis can reduce your fuel costs, while our preventative maintenance data will take into account the rugged conditions where your vehicles operate to save you from more costly repairs and downtime.

Your company has unique needs. Our experts can help.

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