Telecom Fleet Management Industry Solutions

There is no room for downtime in the telecommunications sector. Holman’s experience with nearly 120,000 telecommunications vehicles can help keep your fleet on the road, so you can keep everyone else online.

Build the Right Tools for the Job

Living in a connected world means telecommunications companies are busier than ever. When you need a fleet partner to better support your customers, Holman has your back. We manage nearly 150,000 sales, service, and installation vehicles for telecommunications providers operating coast to coast. Our telecom experts design vehicles with upfitting specifications that maximize driver productivity—from racks and shelving to bodies and aerials, we combine the right chassis with the components you need to serve your customers.


Data To Dial It In

Your drivers and vehicles help to keep the world connected, but managing costs and reducing downtime can be challenging. Our suite of technology solutions can help you gather and understand your data so you can make informed decisions. Our telematics solutions collect field data in real time, helping you identify trends and opportunities to improve operational efficiencies and driver behavior. In addition to Holman’s telecommunications experience and expertise, you’ll have access to aggregate data from our other clients in the industry.

Your company has unique needs. Our experts can help.

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