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Establishing a Fleet Safety Culture

Driver safety remains a top priority for all organizations but effectively managing – and mitigating – risk can be complicated and cumbersome for many. The unfortunate reality is that every time a driver gets behind the wheel, your organization is vulnerable to repercussions that go far beyond just repairing a vehicle if you’re not addressing safety and driver behavior. Today, fostering a culture of safety and having a comprehensive driver training program is an essential aspect of fleet operations.

Recently, Holman’s Shawn Morris spoke with Autosphere to share his perspective on fleet safety and driver training. In the series of articles, Shawn noted that there’s been an increased focus on fleet safety in recent years as accident rates have increased. He stressed that driver safety is an issue that transcends fleet operations and requires an unwavering commitment from the entire business.

“When it comes to safety, a company that wants to follow best practice will adopt a global vision and a top-down approach to safety. Responsibility for these issues should not rest solely with the fleet manager, but with the entire organization.”

Shawn Morris

Shawn also discussed the importance of conducting thorough background checks during the hiring process to ensure the individuals you hire are qualified to operate your fleet assets, particularly complex vocational vehicles. Shawn also highlighted the significant impact telematics can have on improving driver safety and performance. He explained how telematics can be used to proactively identify and address high-risk behaviors before an incident occurs. He also shared how a number of customers leverage the insight the technology provides to incentivize and reward drivers for good performance on the road.

“Some of our clients will use a driver safety scorecard that’s connected to their compensation program. When drivers stay within the safety parameters set by management, it may improve their bonus, or their compensation, or maybe even their choice of vehicle.”

Shawn Morris

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