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Emily Graham Highlights Holman’s Innovative New Partnership with Electrada

Emily Graham Highlights Holman’s Innovative New Partnership with Electrada
An electric charger in an EV

Holman Marketing
April 19, 2022

As a growing number of organizations continue to integrate electric vehicles (EVs) into their fleet mix, it’s safe to say it’s no longer a question of if EVs will play a significant role in fleet operations, but more so, what’s the speed at which it happens. As we continue to explore potential EV projects with our customers, strategic partnerships such as the recently announced collaboration with Electrada will play a critical role in delivering turnkey electrification solutions that simplify the transition to electric vehicles.

Recently, Holman’s Emily Graham and Electrada’s Kevin Kushman spoke with Fleet Management Weekly to discuss how this partnership will help fleet operators seamlessly implement a comprehensive electrification strategy by virtually eliminating two of the biggest roadblocks businesses typically face when transitioning to EVs – infrastructure development and the significant upfront capital investment.

In the article, Emily shares that electrification and sustainability-focused projects have ramped-up significantly over the last 12-18 months but notes that getting started with EVs can be a significant challenge including costs that go well beyond the price of simply acquiring a vehicle.

“In addition to the cost of EVs, there’s also capital funding needed for infrastructure requirements, which typically becomes a facilities or sustainability project and introduces new stakeholders. Additionally, fleet operators have to face energy risk that can cause significant demand charges.”

Emily Graham
Director of Sustainability & EaaS

The article also highlights that traditionally, the transition to EVs often lacks a comprehensive approach due to the fragmented nature of this still emerging sector of the market, making it much more difficult for fleet operators to adopt EVs at scale. Emily notes that fleet managers can bring order to disjointed framework by starting the journey to electrification with clearly defined goals and intentions.

This is also a particular area of focus for our partnership with Electrada. This innovative approach to fleet electrification is built on the premise that organizations should not have to navigate potentially overwhelming financial and logistical challenges (vehicle procurement, charging requirements, infrastructure installation, cost-effective energy sourcing, etc.) to electrify their fleet. This partnership leverages our industry-leading fleet management services and Electrada’s charging station and utility expertise to seamlessly implement a comprehensive electrification strategy.

To read the entire article about this pioneering electrification partnership, and how together, Holman and Electrada are helping fleet operators simplify their transition to electric vehicles, be sure to visit