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One Company; One Brand – A Look at Today’s Holman

Holman Marketing
July 1, 2022

The entire automotive sector continues to experience unprecedented change and disruptions, and as an industry, we face new challenges, new opportunities. Amidst this ongoing evolution, our unique collection of automotive services continues to intersect more than ever in support of our valued customers. With that in mind, we recently aligned our various businesses under a singular, unified brand – Holman – which represents the global automotive organization we’ve become.

To help introduce today’s Holman, Chris Conroy, Geoff Seely, and Brent MacLean recently spoke with Autosphere to discuss this significant milestone in our organization’s storied history. In the article, Chris explains why this alignment is simply the natural progression of what’s been occurring internally for several years now and what this ultimately means for our customers.

“We are one company, aligned under a singular brand, and we have an array of competencies that we can package in different ways to meet each customer’s needs.”

Chris Conroy

Later in the article, Geoff Seely notes that our customers and business partners will continue to receive the same level of service and thoughtful customer experience that have been long-standing hallmarks of the Holman family of businesses while also highlighting our truly unique value proposition.

“Being part of a big organization allows our Canadian clients to benefit from the subject matter expertise that exists with our employees, or with a different team in the U.S., or elsewhere. And that really helps broaden the benefits we can bring to our clients in Canada.”

Geoff Seely

Finally, Chris offers an example of how as Holman, we’ll continue to leverage the natural synergies of our businesses and profound understanding of the entire automotive industry to seamlessly support our customers with holistic solutions.

“You don’t have to worry about getting your chassis and getting your equipment. You don’t have to worry about getting your decal, or upfitting your truck. This is a fully incorporated supply chain solution to put your truck on the road. That’s the point of the integration of the Holman brand.”

Chris Conroy

To read the article in its entirety, please visit After nearly 100 years in business, Holman has evolved into something much greater than the sum of our parts and a unified brand identity is simply the next step in our journey as we embark on our second century in business. Together as Holman, we’ll continue Driving What’s Right for our people, our customers, and our communities.