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Holman’s ‘buy, drive, service, sell’ model covers the entire lifecycle of your vehicle. Cost control and vehicle availability are at the heart of our solution:

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“Our greatest asset is our people. Their experience and knowledge are what drive our business forward. By utilising their expertise, our customers control costs and importantly, keep their vehicles on the road – delighting their customers.”

Nick Caller
Nick Caller
Managing Director, Holman UK


The Impact of Optimising Total Cost of Ownership

In the increasingly competitive environment in which every business operates, there is constant pressure on management to do things faster, better and with greater efficiency. This can lead to situations where escalating and hidden costs – such as unexpected maintenance, repairs, driver incidents and compliance – start to seriously impact the budget, often before you even realise it’s happening. Through real-time data and advanced analytics, you can see what’s happening across your fleet today and what’s likely to happen tomorrow.

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