Fleet Accident Management Services

When the unexpected happens, Holman will get your driver out of harm’s way and aim to get them right back on the road as fast as possible.

Fast Notifications

Available 24/7/365 – when your driver makes an accident report with Holman, you and all identified stakeholders will receive a notification within minutes of us taking the call.

Help At Every Step

You can rely on our technicians to arrange recovery, schedule repairs at a convenient, quality repair facility, acquire a temporary vehicle, and monitor all repairs through to completion to ensure costs are within budget.

Innovation Claim To Completion

With state-of-the-art systems and partners, our fleet accident management service will provide you with all the tools needed to ensure your drivers are safe, you can keep costs controlled, and your green plan is supported. Services include:

  • Repair triage
  • Supply chain
  • Parts availability
  • Green parts

Easy Access To Accident Data

You can access all accident-related data and reports through Holman insights, including claim and driver details, purchase orders, third-party information, images, and police reports.

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“We needed a partner that understood how to support our drivers in an accident situation, could control costs across our fleet and, importantly, aggregate our fleet data to enable us to make changes to our fleet that matter – after speaking to Holman, it was clear their transparency and technology would deliver this for us and was the correct fit for us.”

Holman Customer
Holman Customer

Accident Management Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is your accident management available 24/7?

    Yes, Holman’s fleet accident management is available 24/7 and with a single focus, getting your driver safe and controlling your costs.

  • How can I see my accident information?

    All information relating to your accidents is available through Holman insights. Customise dashboards to see what your data how you want and in real time.

  • Do you have a dedicated accident management team?

    Yes, we have a dedicated team on hand to support your driver, liaise directly with insurers and a network to control every line item of expenditure

  • Do you have accident engineers?

    As part of Holman’s fleet accident management service you will have a range of experts at your disposal from call handler, accident engineers and a network all supporting you and your driver.

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