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Holman’s Finance Vehicle Leasing solution enables you to run your vehicle for as long as you need it. Learn more today.

Receive 100% of vehicle profits

Vehicle leasing through Holman’s Finance Lease solution enables you to run your vehicle for as long as you need it. Agree on the residual value and know the exact premium you’re paying with no charges for mileage or damage at the end of the vehicle’s life.

By feeding every element of data into our management information system, our team can support you throughout your vehicle’s entire usable life, including maintenance services, accident management and more.

Placing a vehicle into fleet is a huge expense to your business, so having a vehicle leasing solution that works no matter your objectives which is why Holmans finance lease will provide you with: 100% of vehicle profits.

When you no longer need your vehicle, you can re-allocate or sell with no early termination fees and 100% of the sale profits returning to you.


Run the vehicle for as long as you need it, agree the residual value and know exactly where your investment is placed and the premium you’re paying.


Don’t need the vehicle any longer? No problem – re-allocate or sell, and 100% of the profits from a sale go back to you, with no early termination fees.

Control every element of spend

The team at Holman will support you throughout the entire useable life of the vehicle, including maintenance services, accident management, and more, with every element of data being fed into our management information system, Holman insights ®.

On-line portal

Need a new vehicle? No problem – your drivers can access the approved vehicles within their grade with full audit and sign off provided.

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“Holman fits the bill perfectly. Because we are growing so quickly, we are always learning, and Holman’s Finance Lease product helps us in this way because it is entirely transparent: we can see all costs and work which means we have a clear understanding of what is going on with our vehicles at all times”

Holman Customer
Holman Customer


Holman Finance Lease. The transparent funding model.

For over 40 years, businesses have relied on an almost unchanged business model: closed-end leasing. Today, the focus is on topics such as new forms of mobility, sustainability and digitisation. As the areas of focus change, now is the time to review your funding model and discover the benefits an open-end finance lease offers over traditional funding models.

To learn more about the competitive, transparent pricing models that Holman can offer, download our whitepaper: “Holman Finance Lease. The transparent funding model.”


Finance Lease Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does finance lease mean?

    A finance lease is a type of lease in which the lessor (Holman) retains ownership of the asset but the Lessor (You) retain all the profit opportunities at the end of the lease.

  • What are the advantages of Finance Lease?

    Unlike traditional contract hire, a Finance lease provides complete flexibility. You are able to set residual values and expected mileage with no end of contract charges. Supported in-life through Holman’s Fleet Management services, you can flex your fleet and your investment as your business needs.

  • What if I go over the mileage?

    Holman’s vehicle leasing services will not charge you for excess mileage at the end of the contract. This additional mileage will affect the resale value so may be realised once the vehicle is sold.

  • How do I know if Finance Lease work for me?

    One of our funding specialists will be happy to discuss all options to meet your fleet objectives and see if Holman’s Vehicle Leasing can provide a platform to improve flexibility and achieve your goals.

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