Fleet Account Management

Our Strategic Account Managers’ have extensive fleet industry experience and are accountable for a range of corporate customers with differing portfolios.

Dedicated support

What does your ideal customer support team look like? As a Holman customer, we will support your company with a hand-selected group of fleet account manager experts operating in a small team environment, delivering tactical and strategic fleet solutions. Your daily Holman contacts will understand your needs so you can achieve more.

Fleet expertise

You will have access to our decades of commitment to funding and fleet management, our expertise and the vast expanse of data and insights gained through longstanding partnerships with existing customers.

Limit operational noise

Whatever level of daily administration your company prefers, our fleet account managers will provide it, cutting down on the operational noise so you can focus on your business success.

Driving what's right

Your success determines the level of our success. We aren’t satisfied with simply having happy customers; we want you to be a raving fan. By driving what’s right in every decision we make for you, you can rest assured that your fleet will be on the road and your fleet objectives met

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“Holman’s in-depth knowledge of the industry and their ability to provide actionable insight into our fleet is invaluable to us. Our vehicles must be on the road and every service we take has been designed with that, our business and our drviers safety in mind. We continually challenge Holman and they continue to deliver. ”

Holman Customer
Holman Customer
Head of Fleet


Policy is the backbone of a sound fleet strategy

Next to increasing the safety of the fleet, managing expenses continues to be a key priority for fleet decision makers. Today’s fleet operations have a direct impact on other areas within a company, some of which often have priorities of their own. When those differing priorities are directed back to fleet operations, the documented vehicle policy is the overarching rulebook that aids the business in keeping every department’s objectives aligned.


Account Management Frequently Asked Questions

  • How will strategic consulting impact my fleet and grow my business?

    Managing your critical fleet challenges and controlling operational costs requires a thoughtful approach. Holman has redefined strategic consulting for today’s fleets. Our unmatched team of experts will work directly with you to define your actionable goals and quantify your results. Leveraging our team’s extensive business intelligence and data science capabilities will optimize your fleet operations to drive toward your business objectives.

  • What are the benefits of implementing a change management strategy for my business?

    Developing a change management strategy can seem daunting and risky. Holman makes the transition seamless for you, your drivers, and your fleet stakeholders, so you can remain focused on managing your business.

    Our team will work with you to develop a change management strategy to uncover opportunities to control your expenses, provide fuel productivity gains, and turn your fleet challenges into growth opportunities.

  • How can I manage the changing needs of my business?

    Changing business needs in your business can compound your complex fleet requirements, and implementing a strategic change management system is essential to staying ahead of the competition in today’s business environment.

    Holman’s fleet experts will collaborate with you throughout the entire process to uncover hidden value and opportunities to improve your business expenses, fuel productivity gains, and grow your fleet.

  • How can I effectively optimise the lifecycle of my fleet?

    Optimising your fleet is a challenge that requires strategic planning and preparation to ensure your business’s long-term growth. Throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle, optimisation focuses on controlling the total cost of ownership. When you partner with Holman, we’ll help you develop an effective replacement strategy. By selecting standardised specifications that meet job-specific requirements and following a replacement schedule that removes vehicles from service before their operating costs exceed their value, you will reduce vehicle depreciation. Our team of experts will put the best practices in place for your business from acquisition to disposal.

    Optimising your fleet is a challenge that requires strategic planning and preparation to ensure your business’s long-term growth and focuses on controlling the total cost of ownership throughout a vehicle’s lifecycle.
    Holman will help you develop an effective replacement strategy from acquisition to disposal that meets job-specific requirements and follows a replacement schedule that removes vehicles from service before operating costs exceed value.

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