Driver Risk Management Solutions

With Driver Risk Management, Holman can help you maximise driver potential and create safer, happier employees who will positively impact your bottom line.

Keep your drivers safe

When managing risk, keeping your drivers and organisation safe and costs under control, prevention is paramount – but this requires constant attention. Holman’s permit to drive programme gives you straightforward actions to keep your drivers safe and returning home each night.

Build a culture of safety

You can build a safety culture among your company drivers by approaching collisions preemptively through Holman’s automated monitoring of driving behaviour. You can identify opportunities to improve, measure the impact of corrective action and assign corrective training.

Policy comprehension assessment

You have the option to create a policy or drive the adoption of one that’s already in place. Drivers are required to review the policy online, complete an assessment to demonstrate comprehension, and will ultimately receive a permit to drive.

You'll know the score

Our Riskmaster programme provides visibility of your risk profile as a business, allowing you to understand each driver’s risk and training requirements so you can mitigate that risk by improving skills and habits.

Targeted training

You have the power to identify high-risk drivers using Holman’s advanced filtering and reporting criteria. We automatically identify support needs and align them to specific online training modules. Our extensive driver training catalogue offers the support the driver needs when they need it.

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“With Holman, we have gained a partner who understands what it takes to keep drivers on the road and delivers exceptional management information that allows us to focus on the issues that matter.”

Holman Customer
Holman Customer

Driver Risk Management Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can Holman help me track my fleet’s driver behavior?

    Using Holman’s Riskmaster Programme, you can stay connected with a comprehensive view of your drivers’ driving behaviour. This tool displays integrated data from accidents, Motor Vehicle Records (SMR), fuel usage, telematics data, and risk assessment results.

  • How can I improve driver safety?

    Holman’s Riskmaster program allows you to identify and address high-risk drivers before incidents occur quickly. This program assigns online training modules based on the needs of individual drivers and measures the impact of corrective action and training. Our extensive driver training catalogue simulates real-world driving situations in various vehicle types. All of our driver risk management solutions start with well-communicated safety policies.

  • What is a driver policy?

    Driver policies outline your company’s standards and expectations for drivers while operating fleet vehicles, including repercussions for non-compliance.

  • Can Holman help me lower the costs associated with driver behavior?

    Holman’s driver risk management solutions can help you improve driver safety, minimising the downtime and legal expenses that result from accidents and mis-use and abuse. Through education and support, you can build a safety ethos and drive costs down.

  • Can you manage the grey fleet?

    Yes, Riskmaster is designed to look at your entire driver universe and provide you the tools and the insights to reduce accidents, better equip your drivers and ensure they return home safe at the end of each day.

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