Fleet Acquisition & Disposal Solutions

Holman’s long-term fleet acquisition strategy combines your business data with our experience.

Funding Options Aligned With Your Financial Goals

The funding choices you make today can impact the profitability of your fleet for years to come. Every business has unique financial needs, and how you fund your fleet portfolio should be tailored to your finances and operational environment.

No matter what your vehicle requirements are, Holman can combine your business data with economic and consumer-based research to help you pick the funding option that best balances your capital and operating expense demands. Our vehicle acquisition options provide maximum versatility to your organisation, allowing an agile approach to ever-evolving economic conditions.

Our experts will support you in developing everything you need, including integrating third-party funding, if desired.

How Holman Can Help You Avoid Supply Chain Disruptions

Nasty surprises in the fleet acquisition journey can result in downtime, lost revenue, and costly disruptions, which is why Holman supports you in every step of the entire supply chain process.

Step One In Your Fleet Evolution

As well as helping with fleet acquisition, Holman is here to help you maximise your vehicle’s investment throughout its lifecycle.

By creating a replacement schedule that removes vehicles from service before their operating costs exceed their value, we can help you reduce vehicle depreciation and lessen the impact of factors outside your control.

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“Holman is an expert at supporting our drivers and company 24/7, since partnering with them we have been able to concentrate on where the fleet is going and not where it is today.”

Holman Customer
Holman Customer


Holman Finance Lease - The transparent funding model

For over 40 years, businesses have relied on an almost unchanged business model: closed-end leasing. Today, the focus is on topics such as new forms of mobility, sustainability and digitisation. As the areas of focus change, now is the time to review your funding model and discover the benefits an open-end finance lease offers over traditional funding models.
To learn more about the competitive, transparent pricing models that Holman can offer, download our whitepaper: “Holman Finance Lease. The transparent funding model

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Fleet Acquisition & Disposal Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I work with Holman to acquire my vehicles?

    For nearly a century, our family-owned business has been providing automotive services with a commitment to doing the right thing for our customers, our employees, and our community. Driving What’s Right is at the heart of everything we do. Holman is the only fleet management company in the world that can control your supply chain process from beginning to end, ensuring you have the most suitable vehicles for the best cost exactly when you need them.

  • What funding options do you offer?

    Holman offers Finance Lease or conditional Sale. Both these models ensure you retain control throughout the vehicle’s entire lifecycle and maximise your return on investment.

  • What is depreciation?

    Depreciation is often the greatest expense of owning a vehicle during the first several years of its lifecycle; it includes the purchase price, plus any fleet acquisition charges, minus the resale value, net any selling expenses.

  • What is a residual?

    A residual is the projected value of a vehicle at the end of its lease or life cycle, based on months on lease and mileage expected.

  • What is replacement planning?

    Replacement planning is a business plan that identifies the point at which a vehicle’s operating costs in terms of mileage, months in service and cost exceed the value it is producing for a company, prompting the start of the remarketing process.

  • What is an OEM?

    In the fleet industry, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) refers primarily to automotive manufacturers, such as Ford, BMW, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Volkswagen, and more.

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Finance Lease

Holman’s finance lease solution enables you to run your vehicle for as long as you need it with no charges for mileage or damage at the end of the vehicle’s life.

Conditional Sale

With Holman’s conditional sale solution, you retain all of the transparency and control of our finance lease option but with the opportunity to purchase the asset at the end.

Sale & Leaseback

Holman can help you quickly free up the equity tied up in your fleet, with the additional flexibility to operate your vehicles as required with no end-of-life damage or mileage charges.