Services & Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Together, we’ll develop a long-term fleet sustainability plan that maximises the return on your green investment and supports your transition to an EV fleet.

Why Electric?

Electric vehicles offer many benefits, especially when deployed at scale in a fleet. EVs also have fewer mechanical components and, as a result, require less maintenance.

In addition to direct operational cost savings, since electric vehicles have no emissions, they can help your fleet meet regulatory or investor-driven sustainability standards. Greening your fleet can also help you attract sustainability-interested talent, win contracts with sustainability requirements or preferences and, of course, help save the planet.

But, while there are clear benefits to an electric fleet vehicle, EVs can require substantial changes to your fleet strategy and driver training, and it is fair to say that all EV technology is still developing.

As all fleet objectives are unique, we have invested in research and analytics to help you decide when, how, and if your fleet should go electric. EV Consult will support your drive for change and help you achieve your green goals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the benefits of fleet electrification?

    Transitioning your fleet to include electric vehicles has many benefits. Electric vehicles avoid fuel price volatility, require less maintenance and have numerous BIK benefits to your drivers. They can also help you meet emissions standards and take advantage of government incentives to transition to electric vehicles.

    Additionally, many individuals and companies are interested in working with green companies. An electric fleet vehicle can help you attract the best talent and win contracts with customers for whom sustainability is front of mind.

  • How can Holman help me to electrify my fleet?

    Holman offers many services to help you strategically and effectively manage the transition to an electric fleet vehicle.


    We can help you:

    •   Plan your electric fleet vehicle acquisition cycle and financing
    •   Help you execute your plan to achieve your objectives
    •   Support your drivers to adapt to a world with charging stations instead of petrol pumps
    • Integrate your sustainability data into our suite of fleet management technology so that you can easily report on your green operations.
  • How should I prepare for a transition to an EV fleet?

    The same rules apply for any new electric fleet vehicle acquisition, including electric vehicles. It’s crucial to buy at the right time, choose the right financing, and plan for the total cost of ownership of the vehicle.

    Electric vehicles (EVs) provide value by reducing fuel and maintenance costs. However, many drivers are unfamiliar with EVs and may require training to help them transition from searching for the petrol pump to looking for the charging station. Holman’s EV experts can help you develop a sustainable fleet plan, transition your vehicles at the right time, implement an EV recycling plan and make the adjustment easy for your drivers by supplying proper training.

  • How can I track and report on my sustainability efforts?

    As stakeholders are likely to be interested in your sustainability metrics, Holman has integrated green metrics into our fleet management technology services suite. You can track fuel and maintenance cost savings from going electric, and report on emissions reductions and other sustainability metrics for key stakeholders, investors, government agencies, prospective talent, potential customers, and the public.

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