Fleet Sales & Leaseback Vehicles

Liquidity has become a top priority for many businesses, with high demand for proven strategies such as the ‘sale and leaseback’ model to release equity in your assets.

Why Change?

A vehicle fleet is often one of the largest costs to organisation and the funding choices you make today can impact the profitability of your fleet for years to come. Every business has unique financial needs, and these requirements can change as your operating environment does.

Holman can help you quickly free up the equity tied up in your fleet, with the additional flexibility to operate your vehicles as required with no end-of-life damage or mileage charges.

Through our transparent fleet management solutions (i.e. our Maintenance Provision service) and leaseback vehicle services, we will support you throughout your fleets’ life and ensure you maximise the value of the assets when you come to dispose of them

Holman’s 3 Step Finance Lease Model


Holman’s fleet sales experts will evaluate the value of your fleet to determine how much equity you hold.


Once you have reviewed the value analysis completed by the fleet sales team, we will purchase your vehicles for a fair, agreed-upon price.


Your drivers stay in their vehicles, and your company enjoys more financial flexibility with our finance Lease option.

Not sure where to start? Chat with one of our fleet sales experts!

“Holman fits the bill perfectly. Because we are growing so quickly, we are always learning, and Holman’s Finance Lease product helps us in this way because it is entirely transparent: we can see all costs and work which means we have a clear understanding of what is going on with our vehicles at all times”

Holman Customer
Holman Customer


Holman’s Fair, Flexible and Transparent Sale and Leaseback

Are you seeking a simple solution to free up the equity tied up in your vehicles, providing you with the additional flexibility you need? Find out more about Holman’s Fleet Sale and Leaseback program in our whitepaper.


Sale and Leaseback Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Sale & Leaseback

    Sale and Leaseback will allow you to sell owned assets, recieve a cash injection and then lease the vehicles through a company such as Holman.

  • How are vehicles leased back to me?

    Through Holmans Fleet Sale & Leaseback solution, your assets will be leased back to you through of finance lease solution. You will benefit from complete control and transparency, no mileage charges and 100% profit at resale.

  • Is Sale and Leaseback simple?

    Yes. Our team at Holman will help you through each stage from fleet lists, values and more. We will work with you to identify your needs and how we can support you throughout.

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