Holman drives Compliance, so you can drive revenue

With the complexities of vehicles on fleet continuing to grow, you need fully compliant, ready to work vehicles to get your business moving

Ready On Day One

You can’t get on the road unless your vehicles are fully compliant and ready to work. Holman has the tools, knowledge, and experience to ensure your fleet remains compliant at all times.

Compliance Done Right

You have deadlines, and if you miss them, they can negatively affect your ability to do business. Our team works tirelessly to meet the requirements and manage every downtime item.

Supported By Data

Our management information system, Holman insights, provides a complete, ongoing breakdown report of work undertaken (including costs). After completing any planned or reactive maintenance and repair work, we will ensure all service history logs are updated and uploaded to the system for you to view.

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“Holman’s people are a real credit to them; they are always striving to deliver a world-class service.”

Holman Customer
Holman Customer
Commercial and Programme Manager


Policy is the backbone of a sound fleet strategy

Next to increasing the safety of the fleet, managing expenses continues to be a key priority for fleet decision makers. Today’s fleet operations have a direct impact on other areas within a company, some of which often have priorities of their own. When those differing priorities are directed back to fleet operations, the documented vehicle policy is the overarching rulebook that aids the business in keeping every department’s objectives aligned.


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