Licence Checking Solutions

Our licence checking service is the complete end-to-end solution managed in-house by Holman. Learn more today.

Licence check frequency

We recommend 6 monthly checks, but we can also adjust the frequency according to your requirements and expectations. For example:

  • 6-monthly checks for drivers with 0 – 4 endorsement points
  • 4-monthly checks for drivers with 5 – 7 endorsement points
  • 2-monthly checks for drivers with 8+ endorsement points
Simple and managed
Simple and managed

We invite drivers to follow the simple steps and provide you with complete visibility of their data – it’s that simple.

Online portal
Online portal

The whole process takes place online, so compliance is only a few clicks away.


Utilising our Holmans insights programme, you will have all the data you need to make informed decisions in real-time.

Build a robust safety ethos
Build a robust safety ethos

If you decide that licence checking is not enough and want to build a fully integrated safety ethos, check our Riskmaster service.

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License Checking Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the recommended frequency of driver checks?

    The recommended frequency of licence checks is 6-monthly, but we are able to adjust the frequency in line with your requirements

  • How do you obtain mandated permission to check licences?

    All drivers are requested to sign a DVLA mandate which is valid for 3 years following signature – either electronically or paper-based and is fully compliant with GDPR utilising our on-line Riskmaster platform.

  • Do you provide driver training?

    Businesses have a duty of care for all drivers, regardless of whether they use a company-issued vehicle or their own personal one. Holman’s Riskmaster programme has been designed from the ground up to minimise risk and ensure a consistently high level of safety for your drivers.

    Riskmaster is focused on providing you with visibility of your risk profile as a business, allowing you to fully understand each individual driver’s risk and training requirements to appropriately mitigate that risk going forward by improving their skills and habits – learn more here.