Fleet Management Technology

Holman Insights collects and analyses big data in one place to generate accurate, actionable insights with context.

Take Control of Your Fleet with Telematics

As a fleet manager, you have to make decisions every day that not only have an immediate impact on your business, but also have long-term consequences. Telematics makes these decisions easier and more informed by providing you with comprehensive data about your fleet in an intuitively usable solution. You are always informed about the location, performance and downtime of each vehicle, enabling you to make the best decisions for your specific fleet.

Using data about hard braking or aggressive acceleration, you can quickly identify and train drivers who are behaving at risk. With fuel card data, you can accurately identify and take action on individual decisions, behaviors and events that are driving up costs, increasing downtime and negatively impacting overall fleet performance and profits. With fleet management technology, get the visibility into your fleet performance you need to make the right decisions for your business.

Make Informed Daily Decisions with Holman insights

Your fleet generates data from thousands of systems and inputs that can help you make sound decisions, improve performance, and save money. But those decisions can be daunting if you don’t have the right data or if data isn’t collected and analysed in one place to generate true insights with context. Holman insights cuts through the noise and ensures you are getting the right information to the right people at the right time.

Customise your own dashboard to set key performance indicators (KPIs), action alerts, and more with Holman’s fleet management technology Generate reports in seconds on any topic from maintenance and repair costs to incidents by cost centre. You choose whether to look at trends across your fleet in aggregate, identifying patterns, fluctuations and anomalies impacting your fleet’s costs and performance, or zoom in on a single vehicle to troubleshoot recurring problems.

Enable consolidated billing, standardise expenses, and integrate with your own systems to save time and frustration. Our integrated data allows you to streamline processes, analyse large amounts of interconnected data, and make the best day-to-day decisions for your specific business based on data generated by your own fleet.

Get a fleet Healthcheck

The Holman health check gives you a quick, easy way to understand and approach maintenance spend.

Taking data from multiple sources, the Complete Account Health Check will verify which areas of your fleet have been given a clean bill of health and identify pain points that could end up costing more to ignore. In doing that, you can build a maintenance schedule that drives costs forward, extending the life of vehicles without overspending on maintenance costs/time.

By studying data from current month’s maintenance updates compared to historic, provides you complete visibility into how your maintenance spend changes yearly based on the market and how you can predict and prevent future maintenance woes.

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“In an ever-changing world driving cost efficiencies and reducing vehicle downtime is always at the top of my agenda. ARI’s transparent approach to pricing, supported by their management information system has allowed us to have complete visibility of all costs and maximise the management of every line item.”

Holman Customer
Holman Customer


Using big data to identify, predict and prevent critical issues.

Big Data has become a big challenge for many businesses and industries – and it’s easy to understand why: the more data you track, the more information you have to filter through to discern its meaning. With the right Big Data strategy, however, you can reveal the broader impact that each element of your fleet has on overall operations, as well as precisely identify where both current and potential problems exist, so you can take action against them.


Fleet Technology Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Holman Insights?

    Holman Insights is a powerful tool to pull all of the data that your fleet generates into a comprehensive and easy to navigate program so that you can best analyse and use that data to make important decisions for your fleet. The platform allows you to customise a dashboard, set key performance indicators (KPIs), and run reports so that you can make decisions based on real-time, aggregate data. These more informed decisions can save money, minimise downtime, and drive real value for your business.

  • What is data integration?

    Data integration is data compiled from multiple resources into one system so that you can make decisions with a full view of all of the inputs and potential impacts of that decision.

  • Why is data and technology important to a fleet management business?

    Vehicles are becoming increasingly complex machines, and when you’re running a fleet of them, many small things can make a big difference to your costs and downtime at scale. Modern fleet management technology and the resulting data can give you insight into trends, correlations, and anomalies across your fleet to help you make the best decisions each day, creating significant savings over time and across vehicles. Today, data and technology are critical to ensuring that your fleet is an investment that drives business success, not simply a cost centre.

  • What is predictive analytics?

    Predictive analytics is an advanced reporting technology that analyses data to identify trends and predict the likely impact of a decision based on what has happened in the past. For fleet managers, predictive analytics like Holman Analytics can empower you to enhance your fleet by providing insight into the likely impact of each decision.

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