Fleet Maintenance Management Solutions

Holman’s fleet maintenance management services help you manage all aspects of your fleet to save time, control costs and prevent downtime.

An Extension Of Your Fleet Team

Your drivers are always on the go, so your fleet needs 24/7/365 support. Holman’s qualified and experienced fleet maintenance management technicians are always available to scrutinise repairs, review pricing, and keep your vehicles and drivers safe and compliant.

Safety Is Paramount

When a vehicle experiences a failure that renders it inoperable, your drivers can count on Holman’s technicians to help in their time of need. In the event of a breakdown, flat tyre, or any other incident, we will confirm the driver is safe and have a route onwards – the simple fact is we won’t turn a driver down.

Holman’s Masterserve Network

Our independent network, Masterserve, provides complete nationwide coverage and is geared towards reducing your vehicle downtime and costs through a range of unique features and benefits. These include:

  • Free vehicle collection and delivery
  • Fixed price servicing
  • A guaranteed fixed labour rate

Our control centre partners with the Masterserve network to provide a strict authorisations process in line with your unique parameters, ensuring complete transparency and making it easier to reduce spending across your fleet strategically.

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“Holman is an expert at supporting our drivers and company 24/7, since partnering with them we have been able to concentrate on where the fleet is going and not where it is today.”

Holman Customer
Holman Customer


Cost certainty, cost escalation and cost reduction

In the increasingly competitive environment in which every business operates, there is constant pressure on management to do things faster, better and with greater efficiency. This can lead to situations where escalating and hidden costs – such as unexpected maintenance, repairs, driver incidents and compliance – start to seriously impact the budget, often before you even realize it’s happening. Through real-time data and advanced analytics, you can see what’s happening across your fleet today and what’s likely to happen tomorrow.


Fleet Vehicle Management Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is fleet maintenance management and how can it improve vehicle costs?

    Implementing a maintenance management strategy is essential to control your vehicles’ expenses. Holman’s expert fleet maintenance service team focuses on implementing the “predict and prevent” approach to help you better manage your maintenance costs while maximising your downtime. Throughout your vehicles’ entire lifecycle, we will work with you to develop a plan to identify and act on root causes and failure trends to keep your vehicles in optimal operating condition at the optimal cost.

  • How can I better manage my vehicle repairs?

    Holman’s fleet maintenance management team will work directly with you to better manage your repairs and keep your vehicles running smoothly. Our team covers everything from preventative maintenance and inspection planning by vehicle, to cost effective parts sourcing, to deliver value through operational efficiencies.

  • How will you control my costs?

    Holman’s team of trained technicians will ensure every line tiem is scrutinesed and we will become your single garage, nationwide. With complete control and transaprency, you will have insight to understand the cost and drive uptime to better support your business.

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