Holman Portfolio Management Services

Holman’s portfolio management services covers every aspect of your fleet – from buying and driving to servicing and selling. Our comprehensive fleet management solution provides the benefits your fleet deserves.

How Data Can Power Your Fleet

Our portfolio management expertise optimises your vehicle by studying the data to maximise your peak performance and cost savings. Our analytics tool ensures you are in front and in control of your drivers and fleet.

Fleet Management Lifecycle

Holman’s four-stage management model looks after your entire fleet lifecycle – Buy, Drive, Service, and Sell – to ensure you’re always driving the right vehicle for your business’s needs. From start to finish, Holman fleet management services have the expertise to manage and keep your drivers on the road.

Optimal Resource Management

Holman’s fleet management services benefit your business because we understand the critical checkpoints in a vehicle’s lifecycle and have the knowledge and insight to identify risk. We get your drivers behind the wheel serving your customers and driving revenue.

Your Vehicles Are Your Assets

Holman’s four-step portfolio management process treats each vehicle as an asset, not an expense. Our solution allows you to manage your fleet as an investment and maximise your return on each vehicle.

Portfolio Management Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can portfolio management optimise my fleet's performance?

    Holman’s Portfolio Management uses real-time data analytics to support your business and fleet throughout your vehicle’s lifetime. We manage your fleet through the buy, drive, service, and sell lifecycle.

  • What sets Holman's UK team apart in fleet management?

    Holman aligns your fleet with your organisation’s overall measures for success by prioritizing strategic planning through your vehicle’s lifecycle — buy, drive, service, and sell.

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