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Road Safety Week 2022 – Safety & Sustainability

Road Safety Week 2022 – Safety & Sustainability
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Holman Marketing
November 16th, 2022

Britain’s fleet drivers are the backbone of our economy, providing a vital service that keeps the country ticking over. Yet, while driver standards are improving and the number of crashes falls, sadly, one person is killed or seriously injured on the road every 16 .

Stats show that one-in-three fatal accidents involve someone driving for work. The more miles you go, the greater your risk of being involved in an accident. This year’s Road Safety Week 2022 takes place between 14-20 November and is a chance for us all to reflect on the importance of safe and sustainable driving. Holman explains what you need to know.

Go beyond the basics

Every year, Britain’s 4 million fleet drivers clock up an incredible 55 billion miles on the road. That’s an average of over 13,000 miles each. The truth is, Britain’s fleet drivers are probably some of the safest on the streets, so Road Safety Week won’t teach them anything new, right? Wrong.

Road Safety Week is an opportunity for fleet operators and drivers to go beyond the basics and identify ways that we can all improve safety standards on Britain’s roads.

During the week, there will be a focus on each sector of road users. Friday, 18 November, will focus on the safety of commercial drivers and fleets – something all of us at Holman are taking seriously.

Brake, the organisers of Road Safety Week, suggest that organisations “understand how to protect themselves and other road users through good policies, procedures, training and education.” We agree that driver training and development are critical for us all, keeping our driving skills as sharp as possible.

Road Safety Week provides an opportunity for every business – including Holman – to look at current policies and understand whether they’re fit for purpose.

Policies exist to protect the organisation and the individual, outlining what’s acceptable from both sides. Road Safety Week provides an opportunity to promote policies, but it also offers a chance to discuss them and identify any issues or inconsistencies.

At Holman, we offer a range of driver risk management solutions that are proven to support fleets and mitigate the risks associated. Our Riskmaster porgramme is all about building a safety culture first and helping companies enure their drivers get home safe every night. read more here

Embody the best behaviour

Each fleet vehicle on the road is a moving billboard for your brand. Road Safety Week is a chance to go back to some of the fundamentals of driving and the importance for every driver to demonstrate the best behaviour.

Experience on the road is essential, but every fleet driver should regularly receive training and education to keep their skills as sharp as possible.

We all play a role in making the roads safer, and fleet drivers can lead from the front. Alongside safety, sustainability is increasingly important. Evidence shows that positive driver behaviour can significantly reduce vehicle fuel consumption and C02 emissions.

Brake encourages businesses to promote sustainable driver behaviours during this year’s Road Safety Week. It’s better for the planet and the bottom line. There are clear economic, environmental and safety benefits from safer driving. It can also help reduce stress, making everyone’s journeys more enjoyable and benefiting us all.

At Holman, we support the fleets in our care, help ensure their drivers get home safe each night and help them build a safety culture. Learn more about our driver safety solutions here.